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Our Vision

That every child may experience life in all its fullness and achieve greatness

Our Mission

To be a catalyst for hope by providing vulnerable children with a bridge out of the poverty and scarcity of their community

Project Hope South Africa

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Current Projects

Siyamdumisa Day Care Centre

We are honoured to introduce to you, Siyamdumisa Day Care. Siyamdumisa translates as “We praise Him” in isiZulu.
Whilst this Non-Profit Organization has been registered as an NPO for just over three years, we had the pleasure of welcoming them onboard as our first Project Hope Partner in early 2020.
Siyamdumisa was founded and is managed by an amazing wife, mother and teacher, Nontobeka Gwamanda. We could not help but see Siyamdumisa as a little “seed” that really needed to be showered with love. The potential was and remains immense.
Set in a modest isiZulu hut in an area known as Mlambo, this little Day Care provides care to almost twenty children aged six months to four years. Whilst the provision of preschool education is its main focus, Siyamdumisa also ensures that the emotional, physical and social developmental needs of each child is at the forefront.
We are so proud to be a part of Siyamdumisa and honoured to work with such a truly special team.

Our Achievements at Siyamdumisa to date include:

✓ Dig and move garden soil in order to flatten the land
✓ Purchase, transport and install fencing and a gate for the entire perimeter of the school grounds (approx. 110meters)
✓ Professionally redesign the school logo
✓ Print and install an external school sign board
✓ Purchase and install one brand new 13 square meter wooden hut to be used as a classroom
✓ Transport and install a second 13 square meter wooden donated hut
✓ Transport a beautiful donated converted 6meter shipping container to use as a third classroom
✓ Erect school warning signs including emergency assembly point and no smoking signs
✓ Supply and paint one current school building (including paint and supplies needed)
✓ Supply new padlocks for container doors and school gates
✓ Supply and install water storage tank including bricks,

Play Ground Equipment supplied:
✓ Large slide
✓ Small slide
✓ Outdoor play house
✓ Trampoline
✓ Small swing
✓ Tires
✓ Bikes

Nutritional support:
✓ Jars of hope x 80
✓ Cups and bowls x 20
✓ Microwave
✓ Serving spoons x 2
✓ Food Storage boxes x 3
✓ Dietician review of school menu
✓ Emergency food for one child and his family
✓ Multiple truckloads of emergency food
throughout KZN unrest in July 2021
✓ Continuous supply of food parcels and school
food on a weekly basis

Sustainable Project support:
✓ Prepare vegetable garden soil
✓ Supply one avocado pear tree
✓ Supply 40meters hose pipe, three large
spades, two hand spades, and one watering
✓ Supply and install 30meters of vegetable
garden fencing
✓ Supply multiple truckloads of compost

✓ Branded golf shirts
for three staff
✓ School Hats and bags
for thirty children
✓ Emergency
wardrobe of clothing
for one very
vulnerable child who
is unable to be
supported by his
✓ Beanies for every
✓ Jerseys for multiple
children in need

Classroom Equipment supplied:
✓ Reading Books
✓ Wall mural
✓ Stationary
✓ First aid kit
✓ Cot sheets
✓ Curtains
✓ Educational wall poster
✓ Teacher’s desk
✓ Carpet
✓ Teachers Chair
✓ Children’s Tables and chairs
✓ Blankets
✓ Shelving
✓ Baby changing mat
✓ Prams
✓ Children’s aprons
✓ Paint for crafts
✓ Play Kitchens x 2
✓ Cots x 3
✓ Multiple Puzzles
✓ Floor mats
✓ Equipment for quiet, fantasy, creative
and construction corners

Miscellaneous expenses:
• Monthly electricity voucher
• Cleaning materials
• Sanitizer

✓ Five-month Bursary
awarded to three
children who were
unable to attend school
due to insurmountable
financial constraints
✓ One home visit to a
vulnerable child and the
initiation of a solutionbased
✓ Teachers pamper gift
and voucher as a symbol
of achievement and
✓ One full Bursary
awarded for 2022 to a
child who has been
deemed vulnerable and
in need of financial

Othandweni Child and Youth Care Centre

We are honoured to introduce to you, the little NPO with a huge heart, Othandweni Child & Youth Care Centre.
Othandweni Child & Youth Care Centre is the heart work of its founder, Babongile Phakathi, a 50-year-old single mom of three.
Othandweni, meaning “full of love”, is nestled in the Valley of 1000 Hills in a little area called Embo Reserve.
The heart of this NPO can be traced back to as far as 2013, when Babongile began to take children into her home. She could not sit
back and watch the children of her area returning from school hungry, unsupervised and with no place to complete homework and seek support. Othandweni became her greatest dream.
Babongile dreamt of starting a Drop-in Centre, a community-based facility which would provide basic services aimed at meeting the emotional, physical and social development needs of vulnerable children.
When the Project Hope team first visited Othandweni, we felt overwhelmed. Babongile feeds her family of seven, as well as the 20-30 children who visit Othandweni each afternoon. With minimal food, no cups, no spoons and no plates, this task seemed impossible.
Babongile has also built a two-roomed cottage with her own hands using mud and grass. This room is used exclusively by Othandweni on a daily basis.
Babongile’s dream is to give each child a meal, and to provide support, and a safe space for them to spend the afternoon.
Othandweni may not have many physical possessions, but wow, it has a HUGE heart
Whilst our initial focus was on the children, we decided to take a detour and assist the teacher too. A much needed bedroom revamp was our first priority. We are currently discussing the next phase of this project which aims to meet the daily needs of these children.

Our Achievements at Othandweni to date include:

Teacher’s bedroom revamp:
✓ Provided a new isiZulu bible
✓ White-washed all four walls
✓ Inserted glass into all of the window frames
✓ Installed a curtain rail
✓ Lay a loose carpet
✓ Hung curtains with tie-backs
✓ Supplied two double beds and one single bed as well as all the linen and pillows required
✓ Washed the current thick blankets off-site as this is a very tricky thing to achieve in a bucket
✓ Supplied a camp cot with mattress
✓ Supplied side tables
✓ Fixed the external bedroom door and replaced the door lock
✓ Supplied electricity to the room as well as a beautiful ceiling lamp shade
✓ Supplied decorations (including a pot plant, wall picture, throw cushions and blankets)

Other acheivements include:

✓ Provision of food in the form of thirty Jars of hope (a ready-to-cook meal for six adults) and three car loads of Emergency
food parcels during the July 2021 KZN rioting
✓ Car loads of food on a weekly basis which have been used to feed the children over the past few months
✓ Supplied an Avocado Pear tree for the garden
✓ Supplied two small plastic tables and eight plastic chairs for the smaller children
✓ Supplied ten adult chairs for the older children
✓ Attended to all four dogs who were all very unwell (Dewormed, treated for ticks and fleas and mange, wounds attended
to, bowls and blankets supplied, 40kg food supplied, family educated with regards to animal care)
✓ Supplied soap and sanitizer
✓ Supplied two bags of toys, and one small black push bike
✓ Supplied approximately 200 eco-bricks which will be used for our pilot building project
✓ Successful registration of Othandweni as a Non-Profit Organisation

How can you make a difference?

We are in need of various items. Please take a careful look at the list below. We are hopeful that you have an unwanted item that we so desperately need.

Siyamdumisa Day Care

✓ Small book shelves x 1
✓ Small loose wall hooks X 48 (for face cloths and bags to be hung on)
✓ Small plastic children’s table X 2
✓ Small plastic children’s chairs X 6
✓ First Aid course for two teachers
✓ Fire extinguisher X 1
✓ An ablution block with three junior toilets
✓ Third Hut (estimated cost R 25 000) approx. 3X3 meters to be used as a kitchen (or a donated old hut)
✓ Fourth Hut (estimated cost R 28 000) approx. 3.6×3.6 meters to be used as a classroom (or a donated old hut)

Othandweni Child & Youth Care Centre

✓ Kitchen table and cloth
✓ Black plastic stacking chairs X 20
✓ Sharp knife X 1
✓ Large cooking pot
✓ Chopping board
✓ Large plastic storage bins (to store rice, maize etc in) X 4

Christmas present drive

We have partnered with Slow Mondays this year. Slow Mondays is a family-owned business who outsources production to people in the community so that they can provide for their families. The team create beautiful one of a kind heirloom teddys “made for tiny hands and big adventures”. Purchasing one teddy not only blesses a child, but it also blesses the person who lovingly sewed it.

How it works:
✓ Donate R350 into our account with your name and the word TEDDY. We welcome individuals or corporate teams to join in on this fun
✓ Pop us a message on 082 501 8008 so that we can add your name to the Christmas Giving List and personally thank you
✓ Make a beautiful Christmas card with a message from you
✓ We will package the teddy and have it ready for the delivery day
✓ Orders will close on the 30th October to allow time for production. After this, we will contact you regarding the opportunity to deliver your gift in person. A date and time in December will be announced whereby we will drive in convoy for a “Drive by Christmas Party”! We are thinking balloons, Christmas music, lots of hooting and of course, the opportunity for you to hand your gift to its new owner. Why not make it a family or work outings!
✓ If you are unable to attend, we will make sure to take a photo of your teddy with its new owner and send it to you.

Monetary Donations

Donate to Project Hope using Zapper

Discovery Bank
Account Holder: S Brown
Branch: 679 000
Cheque Account: 1948 4686 716
(International Banking details: please request these by sending a message to Sara Brown at +27 82 501 8008)