October newsletter

Our Vision

That every child may experience life in all its fullness and achieve greatness

Our Mission

To be a catalyst for hope by providing vulnerable children with a bridge out of the poverty and scarcity of their community

Project Hope South Africa

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What did we get up to??


Project Hope has launched its first fundraiser.

Project Hope’s Soup Kitchen is the heart work of its founder, Babongile Phakathi, a 50-year-old single mom of four. 

Nestled in the Valley of 1000 Hills (KwaZulu Natal, South Africa) in a little rural area called Embo Reserve, this soup kitchen has a HUGE heart. 

Despite the crumbling walls and leaking zinc roof, the Project Hope soup Kitchen provides a nutritious meal to 20-30 vulnerable children daily. It is a safe place to come to after school—a place where every child is loved and treasured.

 A place where every child can feel like they belong. A place where hunger is no longer the reality. Wondering the streets and feeling bored after school, these children often make bad choices that negatively affect their futures. 

The Project Hope Soup Kitchen is a beacon of hope which provides vulnerable children with a bridge out of the poverty and scarcity of their community. 

Project Hope’s Soup Kitchen

The Project Hope Soup kitchen not only provides nutritious meals but also offers a safe place where children can play a game of netball or soccer, complete their homework at a comfortable table, or discuss their concerns with a kind and loving adult. It’s a home away from home. 

We dream of building a beautiful isiZulu hut that would replace the current dilapidated building. This hut would be visible across the valley with brightly coloured external walls and adorned with local artwork—a beacon of hope to the children of Embo Reserve.

Inside the hut, we would love to paint the walls a cheerful pale-yellow, hang our beautiful blue and yellow flower curtains, and carefully set up our kitchen. We can imagine laughter as children sit down to eat a meal and spend time with their new friends.  

To build this isiZulu Hut, we need your help. No amount is too small. The R20 000 would allow us to purchase building supplies and pay local gentlemen to build, plaster, and paint the hut. The final touch would be for us to move our donated kitchen equipment.

Please consider helping the children of Embo Reserve. Every brick counts.

We are registered!!!!!

We are officially registered. Only growing from here on out.

Our registration number is 2021/888439/08

We Got a bank account!!!!!

We got our new bank account and you can see the details below.


Branch code: 210835

Account number: 62921432176

Ref: Your name and Surname

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Odds and ends!


– Babongile demolished an old building to make space. Babongile did it herself and tripped over wheelbarrow whilst lugging rubble and now has big bruises.Her determination is unreal! 

– Packed parcels at Hearts in Hands food bank and then took 50 massive parcels down to Embo along with a big plastic table and 7 chairs 

– Dropped fabric at donor who is making curtains for Embo site. Also gave her last box of books to cover 

– Measured windows and arranged volunteer to make curtains and she will donate rails X 2 

– Installed new curtains and rails 

– Designed soup kitchen admission forms and register and filed to keep on site 

– Installed Project Hope sign

– Delivered 4th food storage bin, shelves, sanitiser and plastic table cloth 

– Discussed and started building zulu hut as soup kitchen upgrade 

– Gave a 9 year old his first ever birthday gift! A remote control car! 

– Blue table cloth delivered to Embo for soup kitchen 

– Dog food delivered. Those dogs are looking amazing! 

– Also delivered a simple ceiling light and bulb for soup kitchen 

– Shorts and a T-shirt for Little imi donated and delivered 

– Ordered pot, cups, spoons and plants needed for Embo Born Again Community Care Centre: 

– This church in Embo houses approx 10 disabled children during working hours.We have been asked and agreed to oversee and upgrade their medication routine and system. We have come up with an upgrade plan and will complete the fix up job quickly so that the kids are safe! 

– Collected a trailer and big table and 7 chairs which were donated and will go to Embo as part of soup kitchen


KwaNyuswa :

– Delivered carrot seeds

– Made a new flower bed with three children helping. Bheki is competing flower beds with bottles from the shebeen! He will also start the pathway front entrance of school and down to each classroom 

– Delivered donated curtain rails and curtains made by volunteer for both classrooms 

– The children had a fantastic trip at phezulu! KFC, treats, a game drive and visit to reptile park. The first visit out of the valley for many of them 

– Delivered wall hooks for 8 bags for classroom #1 

– Dlivered donated water table 

– Took pics of amazing veg garden progress 

– Delivered toys

– Delivered another box of cleaned and covered books 

– Bought classroom lock, bag cement and bag hook for KwaNyuswa. Cement is to make stairs to enter 2nd classroom 

– Installed classroom bag hooks and door lock

– Competed classroom painting 

– Installed Project Hope sign outside building 

– Sold final Xmas teddy bears 

– Covered more library books 

– Had glass cut to replace classroom windows that were broken 



– Collected donated notice board from HACT (Hillcrest aids centre trust) for me to do my planning on 

-Collected 100 loaves bread and 50 small cups of jam and took to Sarepta Church whom we will be working alongside with our third project in 2022. The food went straight into the church’s van and down to Stockville (see pic Little Rainbow) 

– Distributed second hand clothing