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Our Vision

That every child may experience life in all its fullness and achieve greatness

Our Mission

To be a catalyst for hope by providing vulnerable children with a bridge out of the poverty and scarcity of their community

Project Hope South Africa

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What did we get up to??

Dear Project Hope Friends, Donors & Partners

As the last few days of 2021 are upon us, we feel so thankful for the incredibly uplifting impact that we have been able to
have on the children of the Valley of 1000 Hills this year. Despite the challenges of Covid and the horrors of the riots that
gripped KwaZulu Natal earlier this year, we have spread HOPE and touched the hearts of hundreds of vulnerable children.
Our hearts are humbled by the love and kindness that Project Hope has been showered with. The support from friends,
family, donors and partners has made our vision possible. Siyabonga Kakhulu (meaning “we thank you very much” in isiZulu).

Thank you to each and every person for your commitment to bring Hope to the lives of the children of our beautiful valley.
Your support has meant that we have been able to achieve our mission of providing vulnerable children with a bridge out
of the poverty and scarcity of their community.

On behalf of the Project Hope team, we wish you a joyful and merry Christmas.
With so much thanks

Celebrating Project Hope
Wow, what a year it has been! We can’t believe that our dreams have resulted in the
magic that is Project Hope. It is so true that “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams”.
As we look back over our diaries, we can’t believe what we have managed to achieve in the background. Between our
operational callings, “real” jobs, being moms and wives/husbands, and trying our best to be awesome, we have had a
blessed 2021 for sure!

Some of our “in house” achievements include:

  • A Project Hope Constitution was developed and submitted as part of the process of seeking NPO registration with the
    Department of Social Development.
  • The successful opening of a Project Hope First National Bank account. This allows us to continue to ensure that we are
    legally and ethically compliant at all times.
    Initiation of our first ever “Back a buddy” campaign which remains current (see information about this further down in
    this newsletter).
  • The development and implementation of a Project Hope Strategic Plan
  • The successful acceptance of Project Hope as a recipient of the Little Issue magazine. This educational magazine will be
    distributed across all our programs now and into the future ( We are thrilled about this!
  • The successful distribution of eleven large bags of donated clothing and blankets to mothers on our Clothing Program.
    These Mothers buy a large bag from Project Hope and in turn sell the content to others within the Valley. The income
    earned allows these mothers to provide for their children. This project has proved to be very successful.


Spreading HOPE with our first “Giffy” Mural
On the 18th July each year, South Africans celebrate
the life of our former president Nelson Mandela.
Despite our Mandela Day plans being delayed by
five months due to Civil unrest, we never lost sight
of our dream.
In November, local artist Giffy blessed us with the
most beautiful spray-painted mural alongside the
playground at Siyamdumisa Day Care. Lions tail
plants and a pair of starlings (aka iKhwezi in isiZulu
which means morning star). What an awesome
experience for the children!.

beautiful spray-painted mural alongside the playground at Siyamdumisa Day Care

Graduation of bursary candidates
Ten of our little children at Siyamdumisa Day Care
successfully completed preschool and are ready to enter Grade R in 2022! We are so amazed by their incredible development and achievements. The education of two of these beautiful little children was made possible by an anonymous donor. How could we ever thank you enough for stepping in when we were so desperate. Our little girl lost her mom in early 2021 and was broken. She had no way through her darkness. She cried her little heart out. Our little boy used to stand at the school gate and visibly dream of joining in on the playground. His mom not able to support him due to unfortunate health reasons. To the amazing human being who sent money across the world so that these two souls could go to school. Your legacy will live on forever. Words will never explain just how thankful we are to be amazingly blessed by you.

Achievements include:
• Delivery of car loads of amazing donations including a
school bathroom basin, building supplies to repair and
paint the classroom roofs and internal walls, two children’s
tables, eight children’s chairs, two large cushions for the
library corners, a cooking apron, a large carpet for the
classroom floor, multiple toys, decorations for all three
classrooms, hats and bags for all the children, classroom
puzzles, and educational toys.
• Installation of a fire extinguisher and First Aid Box on site.
• Onsite visits with various volunteers
• The donation of plants and labor to plant Flower beds
around each classroom
• The start of the design and implementation of a pathway
from the school entrance across to all three classrooms
• The hosting of a special little girl’s birthday party at school.
Her late Mums’ final wish was that her daughter would have
a wonderful birthday celebration in 2021. With the help of
various local and international donors, as well as her
bursary donor, we spoilt this little girl with a pink jelly tot
cake, party treats, party decorations, a beautiful white
graduation dress, and her first little doll. She was thrilled!
• The incredible inclusion of Project Hope by a local NPO
called Leaven, in their partnership with Biblionef South
Africa. The provision of twenty-five isiZulu books to
Siyamdumisa will form the basis of a new Reading Program
which will be launched in early 2022.
• The sponsorship of a Professional Photoshoot of all the
scholars at Siyamdumisa by an international Photographer.
This was achieved by using a local cellphone network, an
iPhone App, and a Project Hope Volunteer. The
Photographer gave real time instruction from her studio in
London whilst a Project Hope Volunteer positioned the
camera lens. What an incredible experience and gift!
• Christmas gifts were given to the Principal, Teacher and
Chef as a token of our recognition of their hard work and
determination during 2021
• The children had an amazing Christmas Party! They were
spoilt with hotdogs, juice and treats. All twenty children
received a Christmas gift.
• We ended off 2021 with the final launch of our uplifted
Siyamdumisa Day Care! The Opening ceremony was a
celebration of partnership and hard work. This blessing was
featured in the Highway Mail Newspaper too!

Refurbished Siyamdumisa Day Care


Breaking Ground
Our dream of being able to offer vulnerable children in Embo a daily nutritious meal is becoming a reality!
We have started a fundraising campaign to build a “Children’s soup kitchen” and the foundations are already complete!
In the meantime, Babongile cooks on her new gas stove in a dilapidated outer building and serves the children the
most delicious meals. Babongile is unstoppable and her love for children is her greatest gift.


Christmas teddy bears and parties
Thank you to the amazing people who blessed our children this Christmas.
We were able to give every single one of our children a Christmas Present!
They could not believe it when they were invited to celebrate to their own
special Christmas Braai and then presented with an individually wrapped
gift. Each child was reminded that he or she is loved and treasured this
Christmas. A very Merry Christmas to our children.

Achievements include:
• Attendance of our Chef at a one day sponsored “Pheka” cooking course.
• Successful receipt of the Othandweni NPO certificate.
• Delivery of trailer loads of amazing donations including curtains, two
tables, thirty cups, thirty spoons, thirty bowls, three cooking pots, seven
cushions, two cooking aprons, a hand electric mixer, a gas stove with gas
cylinder and connectors, measuring cups, a jug, kitchen cloths, and
cleaning products.
• Multiple site visits and strategic planning meetings regarding the longterm
vision of Othandweni. This plan has now been put into motion with
the initiation of our first building project – a five-meter diameter isiZulu
Hut. This hut will form the heart of Othandweni and serve as a Soup
Kitchen for the Children of Embo Reserve. The donations listed above will
eventually be moved into this Kitchen once it is completed.
• The initiation of a vegetable garden which will support the food
requirements of the Kitchen. Our first crop includes cabbage, carrots,
tomatoes, beetroot, beans and spinach. This vegetable garden forms part
of our Strategic Plan to ensure the sustainability of the site.
• Constant supply of food parcels, eggs, bread and nutritious ingredients
that are used by Babongile to cook the children’s nutritious meals
• The start of a “Sports Program” with the donation of a netball hoop and
ball, and skipping ropes.
• The award of a Project Hope Bursary to one of the children who attends
Othandweni. This bursary has been sponsored by an amazing family in
the Channel Islands in remembrance of their Mom and Dad who sadly
passed away recently. The bursary will give this little boy the ability to
attend preschool and will include the provision of stationary, nappies and
food parcels during 2022. We are thrilled to have visited his new school
and confirmed his acceptance for 2022.
• 2021 teachers gift given to the Owner/Chef as a token of our recognition
of her hard and determination during 2021
• Enrolled a further twelve children
• We provided over eighty children with a Christmas gift this month!
• The children attended their very own Christmas braai this month. They
were spoilt with boerewors, braaied chicken, coleslaw, rolls and juice. Lots
of music and dancing and fun was had!
• A kind Upper Highway resident donated the window, door, and sink
needed for our soup kitchen, These items are on site and awaiting
installation once the walls are up.
• A special neighbor assisted by sterilizing our three dogs that live on site.
These dogs were very unwell a few months ago. The amazing
transformation continues to be a lesson to the children on how to treat

Refurbished Siyamdumisa Day Care


This community care center is a short distance up the road from our Children’s Soup Kitchen. Incredible volunteers provide a safe space within a church hall for children and adults who have a range of metal disabilities. These individuals have nowhere else to go during the week.
Many of the children and adults who attend this center weekly have comorbidities such as epilepsy. They require treatment with highly scheduled medication. We have taken on the responsibility of overseeing the administration and safe
storage of this medication. By assisting them, we can ensure that safety remains a priority.

Our activities to date include:

  • Site visits
  • Medication record, review and overhaul
  • Initiation of safe medication storage processes.

Project #4: Little rainbows

This beautiful little Day Care in Stockville has captured our hearts. Our wish is to improve their
infrastructure in the future.
In the meantime, we have been able to support them with a few large donations of bread, Future Life, food parcels and fresh produce.

Little Rainbows Day Care in Stockville

Exciting news!!

We are super excited to announce that Project Hope will be
launching its first ever Calendar in 2023.
Kate Ventress, a UK-Based professional photographer, has
partnered with Project Hope and will be working with us over
the next six month as we capture the heart of Project Hope.
Each page in the calendar will be taken in our Valley, by Kate,
whilst she sits in her office in the UK! That’s right! This is a
calendar not to be missed!
Our first photo shoot was such a success. One down, eleven
to go! Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages where we
will be sharing snippets of the behind-the-scenes magic!

Kate Ventress, UK-Based professional photographer

make a difference


Project Hope is entirely volunteer run. If you would like to bless someone with your time or skills, we would love to hear from you.


Project Hope has launched its first fundraiser.

Project Hope’s Soup Kitchen is the heart work of its founder, Babongile Phakathi, a 50-year-old single mom of four. 

Nestled in the Valley of 1000 Hills (KwaZulu Natal, South Africa) in a little rural area called Embo Reserve, this soup kitchen has a HUGE heart. 

Despite the crumbling walls and leaking zinc roof, the Project Hope soup Kitchen provides a nutritious meal to 20-30 vulnerable children daily. It is a safe place to come to after school—a place where every child is loved and treasured.

 A place where every child can feel like they belong. A place where hunger is no longer the reality. Wondering the streets and feeling bored after school, these children often make bad choices that negatively affect their futures. 

The Project Hope Soup Kitchen is a beacon of hope which provides vulnerable children with a bridge out of the poverty and scarcity of their community. 


If you would like to bless a child, we would be so grateful. Thank you so very much.

All donations are honestly allocated, in their entirety, to the needs of the community. The Project Hope team consists solely of volunteers who do so without remuneration.

Please contact us for the donation of materials for our current projects.

To make a donation towards our causes, please use the banking details below:


Branch code: 210835

Account number: 62921432176

Ref: Your name and Surname

Or alternatively you can use the Zapper QR code below.

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